In my 10 years of running a business I learned one thing: you can have the BEST program on the planet, and still struggle trying to fill it! The issue is really NOT inside the program or product, but rather in the CONTENT they use to market it.

Here’s the secret sauce…

You must CONNECT THE DOTS between your content and your product, so that by the time they’re done reading or watching your free material there’s only ONE clear next step – to invest in your product or program.

How do you do that?

Join me on my special FREE training call, where I’ll reveal my 7 SECRET STRATEGIES FOR CREATING CONTENT THAT SELLS.

Plus, I’ll share with you how to turn your content into a simple but income-generating product launch, including:

  • Why you MUST add product launches to your marketing strategy, and how they can accelerate your business growth!
  • My simple 28-day product launch process I used to generate between $20K and $143K over the last few years, and the 4 simple components I use to run all my launches!
  • 3 must-have factors for a highly profitable business (they are absolutely foundational, and yet many people don’t have these in place!)
  • My 7 Secret Strategies for Creating Launch Content That Sells (I’ll take you behind the scenes of how I develop all my emails, videos, and teleclasses that move people from general interest to a buying decision.)
  • My “awesome opt-in video” formula that will help you attract lots of sign-ups and fill your mailing list with people interested in buying.

…and much more!

I’ll even reveal the #1 BIGGEST MISTAKE people make in their content that keeps them struggling for customers and clients!

One of the biggest questions I received was, what’s the best type of product to launch? You can, certainly, launch anything! But I’ll be revealing the type of products and price points the work best for Internet product launches.


child-phoneIf you’re looking for a way to get massive amounts of free exposure for your coaching business, one of the best moves you can possibly make is to get booked regularly to speak on teleclasses hosted by other people or organizations.

These days, you’d have to be living under a rock not to notice how popular teleclasses are for achieving online visibility.  Barely a day goes by when I don’t receive e-mails, read Twitter posts or see Facebook announcements and invitations regarding someone’s newest teleclass offering.  And despite the explosion of these events, I can’t imagine them diminishing either in number or effectiveness any time soon.  If anything, this form of marketing is still in a major growth phase.

Why have teleclasses become such a popular marketing tool?  Simple: they cost little or nothing to produce, can fit into a variety of schedules, allow for direct connection with potential clients during question and answer times, and can later be sold as standalone or packaged products via mp3 recordings, CDs, transcripts and so on.  As a result, the people and organizations that regularly provide teleclasses want and need a steady supply of fresh speakers and topics to offer to their followers or members.
That’s where you come in.  [Read Full Article…]


man-glasses-relaxThis year has been truly amazing! I got to help hundreds of people in creating their passive streams of income. And in the process I discovered how ANYONE can add more passive income to their lives — regardless of how busy you are, how much money you’re making right now, or how long you’ve been in business.

I go into much more detail in my Recurring Revenue System, but today I am going to share with you my top 5 secrets for creating passive income streams any time you want, so you could have more free time and less stress, and stop relying on your clients to stay in business.

  • #1: Productize

When you work with clients, it may seem challenging at times to deliver the same quality and insight in your products (ebooks, home-study courses, videos, etc.). Although you can’t give feedback and personalized attention inside your products, you can share what you KNOW about your subject and the LESSONS you learned while working with clients. In other words, productize what you KNOW and not what you DO.
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arms-upIn coaching there is no competition, blah blah blah…

That’s what I hear from some people, and to a certain point I agree. Every coach is unique and will appeal to different kinds of clients. However, for someone who’s looking for a coach right now ALL COACHES LOOK THE SAME! Clients don’t know the difference. Unless you find ways to stand out.

So here’s a question for you. What would you honestly say if asked about competition in your business?  Ask any coach if they are concerned about competition, and you may get a variety of interesting though perhaps not completely honest responses – most are a bit emotional, involving fear and dread.

Some may say they are the only coach in their area of expertise, so they’re not at all worried. While others will say that they are inclusive, big tent thinkers – therefore worrying about competition just isn’t a problem.

With at least 40,000 coaches and an exponential number entering the field every year, how do you stand out in such a vibrant growth industry? Do you know where you measure against your competition?  Do you know who they are – what they do? Are these questions making you nervous already? [Read Full Article…]


confidentAlthough I strongly believe in the benefits that coaches bring to people’s lives, and that coaching can be both a rewarding and profitable profession, I also feel that when it comes  to marketing, coaches should never try to sell their coaching services.  The vast majority of people, with the exception of some top athletes and corporate executives, do not readily see the value in hiring a coach.  In fact, they might even consider doing so as money wasted, or something that only eccentric or very rich people do.

On the other hand, people willingly spend money in order to have a problem that they face solved, or on ways they can learn how to solve that problem.  In fact, nearly all retail advertising first describes a problem, and then pitches its product as a solution.  So that’s what you also need to sell: solutions, not services.  More specifically, if you can show people that you can help them overcome an issue that is causing them pain or frustration, you will most certainly capture their attention and interest, and ultimately their business. [Read Full Article…]


house-in-handYou’ve heard that to make more money in your service-based business, you need to start creating information products, right? But who has the time? Between working with clients and marketing your business, you’d be lucky to have dinner with your family every night!

What if I told you that a simple 10-dollar program could generate thousands of dollars for you every month?

I actually did just that! At first, I couldn’t believe that a program that sold for just $10 and took only ONE hour a month to run, could cover my mortgage payment every month.

I then created more programs just like this one, and kept doubling my income every few months.

My secret?

What I discovered is that you didn’t need a huge info-product to make a lot of money. In fact, these kind of products take a lot more time, energy, and experience to market.  All you need is a few small low-maintenance membership-based programs, and you can easily enjoy a steady flow of recurring monthly income!

Watch these FREE videos I created, where I reveal exactly what I mean. Inside you’ll discover how to create mini-membership programs that:

  • Take less than 5 hours a month to run
  • Can be set up for just under $100
  • Requires NO new content every month!
  • Can add extra $20K or more to your business

I’ll show you how to get started with NO content, NO mailing list, and NO technical skills. Plus, you’ll discover how to create as many mini-membership programs as you want and open a FLOOD GATE of recurring revenue in your business.



In London, June 2010

Here’s the scoop… I went on a week-long vacation in London, spent a ton of money on bus tours, food, and souvenirs, came back and was dreading to login to my bank account. When I finally did, I found over $8000 added to my account from all the monthly renewals and recurring payments!

How would you like to go away on vacation and come back to find extra $5K-$10K in your bank account?

The SECRET is this: turning your topic of expertise into a membership-based program, which will generate automated monthly renewals and passive income for you, while you TRAVEL the world, spend time with your family, and work on your dream projects!

I knew other people would love to know how I did it, so here’s how. Basically, I discovered how to create low-maintenance high-profit membership-based programs that:

  • Take less than 5 hours a month to run
  • Can be set up for just under $100
  • Requires NO new content every month!
  • Can add extra $20K or more to your business

Not your traditional content-heavy “beast-feeding” membership sites that take months to create. I am sharing my strategy in this FREE video training, where I reveal:

  • How A 10-Dollar Membership Program Paid My Mortgage
  • Six Reasons 99% Of People Will Never Start A Membership Program And And How To Easily Overcome Them!
  • How To Guarantee Your Membership Program Will Sell Even Before You Create It!
  • How To Get Started With NO Content, NO Mailing List, And NO Technical Skills
  • How To Create As Many Membership Programs As You Want, And Open A Flood Gate Of Recurring Revenue In Your Business

This is one of my MOST PROFITABLE strategies, so watch this video now.


referralsPersonal recommendations from satisfied customers go a long way in bringing new business to your coaching practice. So have you ever wondered why the clients who can’t say enough about how much they value working with you or taking your programs never send referrals your way? Or do you wonder why even your family or friends don’t tell others about your wonderful work?

Here are some of the most common reasons why people may not think to refer others to you:

  1. People don’t understand what you do. This is the most common reason I’ve seen in coaching, and the only way to overcome it is to specialize in solving a specific problem or set of problems. Most people wont’ refer clients to a life coach, but they will refer a client who’s struggling with their teenage son to a teen success coach!
  2. You don’t include getting referrals as an important part of your marketing strategy. So often we get caught up in all of the latest marketing tools and techniques that we lose sight of the basics. Sure, maintaining a blog and/or publishing a newsletter make excellent business sense. Yes, knowing how to tap into social media and offline networks should be an integral part of your marketing plan. And I can attest to the fact that making marketing videos is effective and fun. But if you don’t include getting referrals as part of your overall game plan, you’re most likely missing out on an excellent source of new and repeat business. [Read Full Article…]


30387947What does it really take to fill a coaching group, retreat, program, or workshop?

I discovered that some strategies work better than others. It usually has to do with “marketing intimacy,” a term I learned from Alex Mandossian a few years ago.

The more expensive your program is, the higher intimacy you’ll need to use in your marketing.

Here are my top 5 tools for filling a group or selling a program in the order of effectiveness (also, in the order of increasing marketing intimacy):

==> #5: Emails - can be very effective, especially if you can write good copy, but not enough to fill a high-ticket coaching group.

==> #4: Videos – can be effective if you’re comfortable on camera, and works even better in combination with a sales letter approach. [Read Full Article…]


summerdrinkSummer brings relaxing days spent with family and friends, yummy barbecues and trips to new or favorite places.  It is a time when, for many people, work takes a back seat for a while to more playful and enjoyable pursuits, whether that includes, from gardening and yard work to lazing on the beach, and everything in between.  We’re definitely called to spend more time outdoors and less chained to our computer screens and telephones.

You may have found that summer can also mean a drop in coaching clients, as people in general turn to  summer sunshine and activities for their motivation, gratification or solace.  This might place a strain on your finances and leave pockets of empty hours in your work schedule.

Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, the summer months can be particularly fruitful for the enterprising life or business coach.  Here are some ways to either boost your flagging income or fill those empty hours with business-building activity: [Read Full Article…]