Do you really know your target clients?

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Just spent a half-work walking listening to Tom Antion’s “Outsorcing Secrets”.

The guy is absolutely brilliant. Lots of great tips and resources for finding people to outsource your projects and virtual assistance on.

smiley-facesI really loved is the way he began the call: “It’s NOT YOUR FAULT!”

What followed next were the top 2 objections entrepreneurs have when it comes to outsourcing (“It’s not good for America” and “I feel bad about paying only $5 an hour for professional work”).

Tom knew exactly what MY two concerns were…he was right on the money, no pun intended.

That is because he really knows his market, their concerns, their *secret* hopes and desires…Only THEN can you really connect with your prospects and target clients. And connect is what Tom does best.  He basically enters a conversation that’s already happening in his prospect’s mind.

So, if you’ve never thought about your target clients and what’s happening in THEIR mind, here are my 3 favorite questions to ask to help understand your prospects:

  • What do they spend most of their days worrying about?
  • What are they embarrassed to confess about, even to themselves? (compliments of Eben Pegan)
  • What would make them drop EVERYTHING and run to get it?

Once you really know the inner-workings of your prospect’s mind, it becomes effortless to talk to her through your web site, articles, teleseminars, and from stage.