20 Exciting Ways to Coach Your Clients

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Beach House Coaching Retreat with Milana

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…

There is a right coaching business model for everyone – you DON’T have to do what everyone else is doing!

If you don’t like one-on-one coaching, then do group coaching. Don’t like year-long coaching programs? Then offer 90-day programs. The key is in what unlocks your personal brilliance AND what creates the best results for your clients.

What’s personal brilliance?

It’s a combination of your skills, talents, environment, medium, and delivery method that is right smack in the middle of your “sweet spot” – there’s something you do in a way you do it that creates the best possible outcome for your clients.

For example, I noticed that I generate the best value for people during interviews. Questions trigger great ideas and strategies that simply can’t be created in any other environment for me.

Another way my personal brilliance comes alive is during a mastermind group meeting, when I hear several entrepreneurs interact and bounce ideas off each other, I come up with ideas of my own – usually “million-dollar” ideas! Just like Napoleon Hill suggested, two minds create a third one.

So what do you do once you know your personal brilliance?

You create more of such situations and experiences in your business, for both, you and your clients, to benefit!

Here is just a sample list of ideas for how you can offer coaching to clients:

  1. 1-on-1 coaching
  2. Group Coaching
  3. 90-day Program
  4. Six-month Program
  5. Full-year Program
  6. 3-Day Coaching Retreat
  7. Coaching “Gym” (Laser Coaching)
  8. Coaching Club
  9. Virtual Strategy Day With You
  10. In-Person Strategy Day With You
  11. Mastermind Group Coaching
  12. In-Your-Home Coaching
  13. On-Site Coaching
  14. Business Team Coaching
  15. Whole Family Coaching Experience
  16. Field trip Coaching
  17. Coaching Cruise
  18. Training Event Followed By Coaching
  19. Multi-Coach Coaching (you plus another coach, expert, mentor, or client)
  20. Q&A Based Coaching

You can also combine coaching with your other talents and passions. For example:

  • Kendall Summerhawk is an expert in horse whispering and uses horses in coaching her clients.
  • Phil Dyer loves international travel, so he takes his clients to a villa in Italy for a coaching retreat.
  • Coaches with a passion for adventure could create a hiking, climbing, kayaking, or another kind of experience for their coaching clients.

I no longer offer long-term coaching in a traditional way. I do, however, offer a two-day business strategy intensive coaching, which allows me to quickly get to the bottom of the clients’ challenges, business models, product lines, marketing strategies, and help them enhance all of the above in a matter of just two days.

I also offer “One Day With Milana” coaching, where a client flies out to my location and we spend a full day together dissecting his or her business and crafting a plan to go to the next level.

I recently discovered that I absolutely LOVE offering retreats (but only from a beach house!) – the most intimate, deep, fun, and meaningful relationships I’ve ever created and enjoyed with my clients!

I know many coaches who are brilliant at 12-month coaching programs, because they love seeing their clients unravel and succeed over a period of time, supporting them every step of the way. I also know at least two people who invite clients into their homes for a weekend and coach them through everything they know.

The choice is yours – what  unlocks the best of you?

Because your clients deserve the best, don’t try to force someone else’s business model on you. Pick what works for you and your clients will love it!