Why the World Needs More Coaching Today, While Giving Coaches Money-Making Opportunities Than Ever Before

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Thousands of people experience frustration and even depression in this information overload environment. E-mail, web sites, books, CDs, teleseminars, blogs, social media, and other information sources are easily accessible with a click of a button. And that’s great – what a time we live in!

But if you really look closely, most success stories in life and business happen as a result of a personal mentoring or coaching relationship. People don’t want any more information – they want results. And results happen when someone takes an intelligent action supported by the guidance of a coach or mentor.

Now is the time! Coaches are needed more than ever before. Action, results, implementation support, and tools is what people are looking for.

What does this mean in coaching?

Here are the 3 mind shifts I’m suggesting that you make to really stand out right now in your field:

1. Stop creating gigantic information products, such as home-study courses and systems, and start creating smaller educational products that laser-focus on specific topics and problems.

2. Stop pushing your “system” or “program” and offer your clients an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on their specific challenges and situations.

3. Stop hiding behind your telephone and computer, and create an in-person experience to guide your coaching clients in the process of solving their biggest problem.

All those success stories you see are usually the outcome of a personal relationship or connection. Products certainly help in providing information, but the real magic happens when you hear someone say something directly to YOU, and ta-da! You got it, you take action, and you get a result!

In other words, focus on being there versus providing information and disappearing. Service, personal touch, really caring about the results your customers and clients get from your information is what will position you as the number one coach or expert in your industry.

As much as I love creating information products (heck I created probably 50+ of them in the last eight years!), I am now focusing on making sure my customers take action and experience quick wins when using my products:

  • Weekly e-mails with tips and tools
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Motivational audios and videos
  • Coaching “gym”
  • Coaching club
  • Private retreats
  • Strategy in-person hands-on days

…all of these are different ways to ensure your clients and customers actually succeed.

How do  YOU help your clients and customers be your next success story? Please, comment below – I’d really love to hear from you!