Profitable Coaching Niche Secrets

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If you feel like getting clients is a struggle, I can almost guarantee it’s because you’re not working in any specific niche market. Let’s do a quick reality check. Have you experienced any of these challenges lately?niche-thumb2

  • Too few client referrals
  • Don’t know what to say on your web site
  • Products don’t sell well
  • Low confidence in your skills
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Clients don’t see value in coaching
  • No strong strategic alliances partners
  • Don’t know where to spend time networking
  • Sending a newsletter brings no clients
  • Submitting articles generates poor results

I found that most of the problems coaches have arise from lack of a good niche. In fact, Discover Your Perfect Coaching Niche toolkit has been my best-selling product for many years.

Here are the 8 little-known coaching niche success secrets to keep in mind when choosing a niche market:

1) Focusing on a specific niche will allow you to concentrate your marketing efforts in a particular area.

2) Instead of limiting you, it can help position and brand your business.

3) You will be able to develop more targeted marketing materials that speak directly to your ideal clients.

4) Even if you target a certain group, you can still coach other people outside your niche.

5) Having a niche will increase your chances of getting referrals. If someone can’t describe what you do and whom you help, they won’t be able to refer people to you.

7) Let your niche find you, but don’t wait too long. Pay attention to the types of clients who hire you as a coach. You may soon discover that some of them fall into one or more groups.

8) Multiple niches are fine. Eventually, you may find that one of the several niches you work in is more enjoyable, profitable and easiest to reach.

Choosing a niche might be one of the most frustrating things when you start your business, but when you finally do it – everything falls into right places and your coaching business begins to flourish like never before.

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