Success Products for Coaching Entrepreneurs

Milana Leshinsky created several products to help coaches build a highly profitable business right from the start. These products are based on the same principles and ideas that have helped thousands of coaches around the world rise to the top of their industry and build a lifestyle coaching business. To get started now use the buttons below each product. To learn more about the Coaching Millions Philosophy click here.

Coaching Millions Quick Start

7-Step Easy-to-Follow Action Plan for Building a 
Highly Profitable Coaching Business

If you are overwhelmed about how to get your coaching practice off the ground and chasing prospective clients is leaving you empty handed, this quick start program is for you. Inside you will find the seven easy-to-follow steps any coach can take right now to quickly generate a steady stream of quality high paying clients - even if you don't know anything about business or marketing. Plus, the complete no-nonsense "Quick Results Action Pack" for LANDING CLIENTS RIGHT AWAY: including a step-by-step action guide with exercises and templates to transform your coaching skills into a thriving, money making business fast!

Discover Your Coaching Niche

Simple Formula for Discovering a Lucrative
Market Filled With Clients Eager to Buy

Imagine having only a handful of competitors. Not only would you go from being lost in a large crowd of competing coaches to being very easy to spot – but you would also have a chance to become the #1 coach in the world for that particular market. With Milana's Coaching Niche Program, you'll discover the proven, step-by-step blueprint for POSITIONING yourself in a perfect-for-you lucrative coaching niche you feel passionate about. Stop being another face in the crowd and become the successful leader that everyone turns to for help!

Design Coaching Programs that Sell

Proven System for Creating Coaching Programs for 
Maximum Client Enrollment and Retention

Are you having trouble signing up clients for your coaching program or keeping them engaged?  In this comprehensive program, Milana shares with you the little-known principle that can double or triple your enrollment rate, and increase the life-span of each client – months, even years – giving your income a healthy boost in the process. You’ll discover the secrets to creating a "blockbuster" coaching program that sells from materials and knowledge you already have! Milana shows you three proven coaching program models you can “copy”, the same ones that she has used to help her clients develop six-figure programs of their own.

Get Coaching Clients Fast

Simple But Highly Profitable Marketing System
for Building a Six-Figure Coaching Business

Instead of spending months or even years figuring out how to make online marketing “work”… You can get a complete, but simple, step-by-step blueprint for generating clients using the Internet. You’ll start seeing results in the minimum time possible with Milana’s Online Client Generation Success Blueprint. We’ll focus only on the three quick results strategies that already fit your natural talents and abilities as a coach. No fluff complete "launch-your-practice" implementation program.

Create Passive Coaching Income

How to Get Paid for Your Advice Even When You’re Not Coaching, and Attract More High Paying Clients Than Ever

The quick and easy blueprint  for turning  your existing coaching expertise into a hot selling book, course, or other training product.  Includes my proven 10-step formula for creating winning training products, plus seven fast product creation blueprints. Also, discover how to design each product so it becomes the best sales tool for your coaching practice to get more clients begging you to work with them than ever before.

Create Coaching Joint Ventures 

Creating Massive Success With Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Everything you need to know to set up your own lucrative joint venture deals with other business owners and organizations, who are already reaching thousands of your potential clients. What would just one successful deal do for your business? Build your mailing list, triple your client base, increase your product sales, gain immense visibility and credibility in your niche market, and leverage your new relationships for more business success.  

Outsource to Virtual Assistant 

Too Much On Your Plate? Discover How to Find and Hire a Virtual Assistant, and Double Your Business Now!

Want to stop doing the tasks that drain and exhaust you? Would love to get your energy and excitement back into your coaching business? This "Outsource With Confidence, Reclaim Your Life" toolkit shows you how to delegate all time-consuming and dreadful tasks to someone who actually enjoys doing them, and will complete them with the speed and quality you won't believe! Answers all your questions about virtual assistants, overseas providers, how to inexpensively delegate tasks that are significantly holding back the growth of your business, and much much more!